Is God’s Timing Really The Best?

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God’s timing is best!

Has anyone ever said those words to you? Have you ever resented them? I have!

Why is it that they seem to be uttered most by people who appear to have everything and couldn’t possibly understand the struggle of waiting.

Is God’s timing really the best? I’ve come to realise the answer is YES! God does things at his own pace and in his own time. Usually with hindsight, we tend to agree but in the moment, waiting on God can be extremely frustrating.

Trusting God’s timing can be one of the most difficult things we face as we wait for His best in our lives. This could be waiting for a job, a spouse, financial breakthrough, an answer to a specific prayer – whatever the case, it can feel like we have been overlooked by God.

It can be difficult to understand the lack of urgency God sometimes seems to operate in. It can feel like maybe he needs a little help. Yet we forget that a lot of our current problems are consequences of not trusting God’s timing – broken relationships, bad marriages, debt – results of a time we tried to help God because he was moving too slow.

God does things his own way because he knows something we don’t know. Let me rephrase that – he knows a lot we don’t know. Infact, he knows everything!

That means he sees what we don’t see. He knows the details of our past and present that could jeopardize our future. He sees when we are selling ourselves short and wasting the potential that lies within us – even when we can’t see it ourselves.

That’s why everything he does is planned – it is orchestrated in his heart and rooted in love. That means his plans are good. Plans to make us prosper, and not to harm. Even our times of frustration are carefully woven into the bigger picture of our purpose. Everything God does is for your good.

Trusting his timing protects, prepares and propels us into the wonderful future he has for us. If we choose to occupy ourselves with his mission, we cannot be preoccupied by frustrations over what we think we don’t have.

And when God finally gives us the yes we’ve been waiting for, he is able to bypass barriers and accelerate processes in our favour because we trust him.

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