The Power Is In Your Mind… #Perspective

close up photo of woman looking away

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Are you single? Think God has forgotten about you? Stuck in a job you hate and can’t see a way out? Have you failed at something recently? Do you think to yourself: “Once a failure, always a failure?”

Today we’re coming against wrong perspectives.There is POWER in your mind; that’s where perspectives are changed.

Your mindset can make, break or change the course of your life. What you think and believe, that’s who you become. You are responsible for getting back up when life hits you with the unexpected. Others may mean well, but no one can do it for you.

You’ve got to come to the point you are dissatisfied with average – average faith, average relationships, average goals. You have the ability to go after everything God has placed in front of you. He has equipped you for it and he will get you to it.

Make the decision today – no more excuses about being lonely or forgotten; God never forgot about you! No more settling for a pay check to pay check existence; God has put so much more in you.

When you become awakened to the fact that you’ve been robbing yourself blind while filled with so much potential, you’ll become dissatisfied. You may even become angry as you realise you’ve been selling yourself short.

Let that be your fuel. Use that fire to propel you into your God ordained future.

Dreams you never dared to dream suddenly become attainable when you change your perspective and start to believe who God really says you are.

Forget what is past. Redeem the time.. but don’t go it alone.

Go with God!

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