Choose Faith Over Fear With These Six Steps

man performing stunt on motorcycle

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It was one of the most magnificent waterfalls in the world, and he was about to bungee jump.

The only thing keeping him from plunging into the rushing waters of the Zambezi was a single cord tied around his ankles. His pounding heart seemed to drown out the mighty waterfall as he heard the instructor behind him shout: “1, 2, 3.. bungee!”

He jumped.

Within seconds, it felt like he was flying.

When God calls us to something new, it can feel as daunting as jumping off a bridge into the unknown. It’s much easier to remain in the safety of our comfort zone, allowing fear to back us into a corner and call the shots.

Fear is an illusion — that is, a false idea or belief. The problem is, it feels incredibly real.

Our minds have the power to exaggerate possible future outcomes that we cannot prove. We sometimes find ourselves held captive by fears that have been dominating us for years.

But there comes a time when enough is enough. We need to look fear square in the face and say no more! No more living beneath our potential because we were too afraid to try. We must resolve to deal with fear at its source.

Fear says you can’t — when God says you can.

Fear says you’re not good enough; God says his power is made perfect in weakness. Fear says you are too far gone, you’ve messed up too badly, and no one will listen. God says you are loved, you’re forgiven, and He will go the distance with you.

It is evident that fear will always speak the opposite of what God says. By his very nature, the devil is a liar and fear is one of his lies. It’s his way of holding us hostage so we can forfeit our purpose. God, on the other hand, affirms us.

Have you been living in the “what if?”, tormented with fears of the unknown, your current situation, or circumstance? What if it fails, what if I can’t, what if I’m wrong, what if people judge me, what if it’s not God?

If you find your constant focus is on why you’re afraid, know that the enemy is in your ear. He wants you to settle for average — average faith, average relationships, average goals.

God wants you to be extraordinary!

Have you ever wondered why the enemy goes out of his way to deter you from your destiny? He knows that when you stop operating in fear, you’ll become a force to be reckoned with. He is running scared.

Now faith doesn’t mean we’ll never experience fear. It means we choose to trust God regardless. We all need to learn the language of faith — with God, I can advance against an army!

Do you feel like God is nudging you to do something that seems bigger than you? Do you feel ill-equipped or have you managed to find every reason why it won’t work? Do you desire more for your life but can’t see how it could ever be done?

Are you overwhelmed by your current circumstances (e.g. plagued by debt, a broken marriage, anxiety or insecurity)? Can you think of a passion you once desired but have given up on because “life just happened” and now you feel it’s too late?

God does his best work with the most unlikely vessels. He gives us dreams much bigger than us for a reason — He gets the glory. Our part is to obey.

It’s far better to try without success than to always wonder what could have been. What impact is on the other side of your fear? He will give enough light for the next step. Just take a step!

Ultimately, it’s not our brilliance that will bring the vision to pass; it’s God’s goodness. He anoints us for purpose and he will make it happen. Here are some practical steps to get you going:

1) Write the vision down. Ask God to confirm the vision he has placed on your heart.

2) Research and take your first step. That could be registering a business, creating a business plan, arranging to meet an expert or someone that’s been successful in what you are trying to achieve. Use the resources available to you! Many times our fear comes from a place of ignorance; do your research.

3) Place your circumstance next to God. It’s easy to focus on what we lack, but this is going to be a work of God. Take your focus off your current circumstances and focus on the size of your God. Keep him in the process at all times and see how he blesses your faith and obedience.

4) Share with someone you trust. Sometimes we just need someone to keep us accountable and remind us of the vision when we begin to doubt. Remember that negative voices can also come from the people we know best; be careful what voices you allow into your process.

5) Be patient. Don’t back away if you don’t see things happen immediately. Remember, God is always working behind the scenes. Worship while you wait. Serve others and minister with your life. Surround yourself with faith-filled people that won’t let you shrink back into fear.

6) Change your speech. Any time you entertain negative speech, stop yourself. Take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. Train yourself to speak only what God says about you. Changing the way we speak creates a winning mindset and gives us the confidence we need to keep moving forward. Repeat after me: I can!

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